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Enhancing Child & Adult Psychological Evaluations and Treatment Legal Issues & Positive Outcomes with Expert Psychological Insights.

With our combined expertise in developmental neuropsychology, clinical psychology, and working with complex cases involving children and adolescents, we provide comprehensive and specialized services to help families and legal professionals navigate challenging situations.

Disability Insurance Appeals

Facing a denial of your disability insurance claim? Our team of experts specializes in providing comprehensive evaluations and forceful rebuttals to challenge the flawed conclusions of IME/INP reports. We’ll work closely with your attorney to bolster your appeal, ensuring you receive the benefits you deserve. Let us help you navigate the complex appeals process with confidence.

Child Custody Evaluations

Navigating a child custody battle? Our team is dedicated to reviewing and addressing biased or imbalanced child custody evaluations that may be impacting your case. We’ll meticulously analyze the evaluator’s report, uncovering crucial flaws, and provide a powerful rebuttal to ensure a fair outcome. Trust our expertise to protect your rights and the best interests of your children.

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Comprehensive Evaluations for Children with Complex Developmental Issues

Is your child struggling with behavioral, learning, or mood control issues that have not responded to traditional treatments? Our team excels at conducting thorough evaluations to accurately diagnose and create tailored treatment plans for children with complex developmental challenges. Let us help you find the right path to support your child’s growth and development, bringing much-needed relief to your family.

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About Us

Welcome to our specialized practice, where Dr. Ronald S. Federici and Dr. David A. Shostak join forces to offer unparalleled expertise in developmental neuropsychology, clinical psychology, and legal consultation services. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized support for children, adolescents, adults, and families facing complex challenges.

Dr. Federici, with his vast experience in neuropsychological evaluation and treatment of multi-sensory neurodevelopmental impairments, specializes in working with adopted children. Recognized as a leading expert in the field, he offers hope to families with his innovative Family Intervention Program and his widely acclaimed book, “Help for the Hopeless Child”, and the “Family Intervention Program”.

Dr. Shostak, a seasoned clinical psychologist, brings over four decades of experience to our practice. He has conducted thousands of psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, provided consultations in various hospital settings, and testified as an expert witness in numerous legal cases. As an educator, he has shared his knowledge through teaching and presenting at universities and hospitals.

Together, Drs. Federici and Shostak have combined their expertise to create a unique legal consultation service, offering support and guidance to families involved in child custody disputes, as well as those navigating the complexities of developmental disorders and emotional challenges. Our practice is committed to delivering exceptional care, addressing each individual’s unique needs, and advocating for the best interests of children and families in legal matters.

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